Thursday, 30 May 2013

Friends , In this tutorial i m going to turn a android mobile phone or smartphone  as a hotspot wifi.Sometime we need to use as our android phone as wifi hotspot with help of wifi hotspot. we can use internet in our Laptop and other Wifi support phones.

Actually this is a great job but one distadvantage of  this job is that it consume more battery power. and  you have to charged your android phone till your phone as wifi hotspot..

Here I want to take samsung galaxy smart demo. upcoming methods will apply for all Android mobile will have to follow some steps..

 Step1- Go To Application

Step 2- Click On Settings

Step 3-  Then Click On Wireless and Network.

Step 4 - Now Click On Mobile AP.

Step 5- Click On Check Box(touch on check sign).

Step 6- After Click on check box a  prompt box will open with this message "Mobile AP Consume Much Battery" and increase data usage..ContinueYesNo
Step 7- Now One prompt box will again open ..that has Network SSID and Security.You have to choose here  name for wili (any name want to. you can). and then click on Save button.

Now Your Android Mobile phone turn to Wifi Hotspot.You can use internet on your pc and with other wifi support mobile phone or smart phone.


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