Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to share my Iphone Internet with computer

How To Share Internet to a computer or laptop using I phone? 

To Lifemets Download Zone Users. I bring a good and very useful tutorial on  Internet Connection with help of I Phone to PC.
If you want to share your Internet connection that is running  on your I Phone.You can easily use Internet on your PC or Laptop Via I Phone.

Here Get Started.. You have to follow some steps.

Step1- First of all to make ensure  yourself  a 3G Or E Symbol is on visible on the top of your screen.
Step2 - If is it true then Go To Settings >> General >> Then Network >> Internet Tethering(Connection Sharing )  Enable it.

Step3- Connect your I Phone to your PC using data cable or Blue tooth.

Step4- Now you can able to use Internet connection on your PC.

Note:- To use your I phone as modem so that  you can use Internet using I phone. you have to Enable Internet connection in your I phone with help of Phone Operator. to enabling this service it will take  between 24 to 48 hours .


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